Retrospective on the Pig: good or bad?

Above "Where is my Childhood No.9" by CHAN Yu

Below "Certified Meat" by LIU Jia

An 82 Republic initiative to exorcise the swine flu!

A community, a platform, a new contemporary art space. A network of aspiring artists born around the 80s.An exchange of art, culture and ideas across geographical boundaries. A new concept by Connoisseur Art Gallery82 Republic represents the best art talents, handpicked from art schools in China and around the world, and offers them a channel and space through which they can showcase their artistic creations and engage in stimulating dialogues.

Una visión de los “cerdos” un tanto diferente de la que podemos oír, ver y leer todos los días en los medios de comunicación. Lo podemos ver en Hong Kong.