Praying Bird

ZHAO Tingting was born in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, China in 1979. Tingting's work and spirit carries the colors, imagery, mythology and culture of her native Mongolia. In sharp contrast to modern Chinese city life with all its prejudices, her sculptures evoke a deep admiration and affection for the "long and remarkable" Mongolian and Chinese history and folklore. In so doing, her works explore 'The Self', seeking an understanding of her personal identity in transition from traditional Mongolian life to the harsh realities of modern aggressive Chinese cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou in which she has lived and worked. "I have great respect for the ancestors from whose intellect and wisdom I can learn: the strength of spirit with which they faced difficulties, the exquisite artworks they made by hand, despite the tough conditions in which they worked and the fine inventions they created."Zhao Tingting is a strong emerging Chinese artist who is showing tremendous determination and promise. Her work is distinctly Chinese in aesthetics, character and thought. She embraces the history of her own Chinese culture as well as contemporary Western influences. Cast together, her unique sculptures in glass proudly declare a merging of past and present day China. Her work has been positively received, recognized and awarded across Asia and the United States.

En nuestra vocación (recuperada) de dar a conocer por curiosidad y comparación obras lejanas y cercanas os dejamos una pieza de Zhao Tingting, de la galería Vee (HK, Shangai, NYC). De mongolia a las megalópolis chinas quedan estas cosas.